The real dictation
Written by Nikita Serzhantov.
1. What level of presentation profiency do you have?
I have basic level of presentation profiency. I can present effectively if I'm cognizant in the topic. But I don't use different methods of engagement my audience and often can't make yey contact.
2. Impersonal audience
3. Broad and diverse audience
4. Profience levels:
Basic level
Intermediate level
Advanced level
Expert level - uses all presentational skills, presents effectively to any small or big groups, broad and diverse audience, responds unrehearsed questions.
5. Forthcoming presentation
6. Calm nervous
7. Cognizant
8. Realize
9. How to make your presentation: Greeting, smile, use your hands, make eye contact, ask questions, tell stories, show the structure, speak loudly and clearly.

checked by Esipenko Anton