14.05.2011 Saturday
This day I had a short walk and was caught in the rain for three times. This was quite funny and instructively.
Trees become green, but this is the third year already when this fact doesn't make me glad, it only makes me think about forthcoming exams.
In order to stop these bothersome thoughts and to hide from the rain I came to a shop and bought a double-colour chocolate instead.

15.05.2011 Sunday
This is an usual Sunday which I don't like from the very childhood.
Full home of people disturbs all my plans. I can't concentrate on my studying and become very tired to evening.
It can be said that I have lost the whole day. Though it is habitual, maybe I just have to be more hard-working to change the situation.

16.05.2011 Monday
Today I have many things to do. I'm going to finish all of the tasks to make the final presentation on our English classes.
The day started rather well, and weather is nice.
By the way, I have almost finished the tasks. And... a kind of snow appeared outside.